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Storytellers. Society has had a place for them ever since history has been recorded. We learn from stories, we craft our worldview based on them and we often find comfort and solace within them. One can say that every artist, no matter what their craft, tries to tell stories in their unique way. And from that urge to tell stories with meaning and intent, the band Dreamwalkers Inc was formed.

Hailing from multiple corners of The Netherlands, Dreamwalkers Inc is a group that creates a melodic blend of progmetal, progrock and influences from all over the spectrum. Going from funky guitar licks to heavy breakdowns to sing along chorusses and back again. Their music is a dynamic mixture of styles and influences that is not heard often. However, as opposed to what this description might suggest, the band always tries to keep an eye on the song and story that is there to be told. The journey might be dynamic and bumpy at times, but there is a method to the madness.

The 6 piece consists of 3 units that form the complete whole. The first unit is formed by singer/frontman/writer Tom de Wit and singer/frontwoman Radina Dimcheva who create an expressive vocal frontline that stands for a dynamic approach, utilizing eachothers strengths to the fullest and telling the stories with the gravitas that is needed. The second unit consists of guitarists and writers Lennert Kemper and Norbert Veenbrink who bring in two very specific styles of guitar playing that range from shredding solo’s and blistering riffs to calm introspective acoustic pieces and ambient soundscapes to give the songs whatever it needs. And finally, the foundation of the band lies with bassist Bjorn van der Ploeg and drummer Sander van Elferen whose rhythmic foundation carries the band through all the twists and turns in the compositions with equal parts solid footing as well as inventive playing that often takes unexpected angles.

With a history behind the band as being the “backing band” for Tom’s solo music (originally released under the name TDW), Dreamwalkers Inc’s story is now taking a new turn. The new material that will be featured on the upcoming album (slated for release in November 2023) is completely written by the band in collaboration. It has a new and fresh sound that strays away from the frontman’s origins and goes into new realms entirely. Sure, some elements from Mark 1 of the band are still present, but the sound heard in the new songs shows a stronger and more intense vision of what the music should be.

With the new album coming in Late 2023, the band will embrace the concept album as their medium and will get back on stage again to perform the new songs with the appropriate energy and intensity.