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Welcome to the official webstore for Dreamwalkers Inc. Here you can help us make the new album a reality by preordering it! Scroll to the bottom to check out the stretch goals for this campaign and the terms and conditions. Every ordered product helps us a lot!

The current score:
/ €6000

Read about the stretchgoals and terms and conditions here (We added a new one!)

PS: this counter is updated manually. So your contribution will be added when we see it and actually can do it. 😛

This campaigns stretchgoals:

€1000 – CD Digipack version
€2000 – Limited edition T-shirts
€4000 – Double Gatefold Vinyl Package
€6000 – Otomatone version of entire album (digital format)

Terms and Conditions:
By contributing to this campaign you agree to the following points:

1 – every mentioned product can and will only be made when the stretchgoals stated are reached. As with many bands in this day and age we can only supply so much of our own income into making these products a reality, so we have to be realistic obviously. (Especially with vinyl for an album of this length, we have to be reasonable as it will be VERY EXPENSIVE.)

2 – We will keep you updated on this campaign and developments by e-mail. We will not use these emails for any other purposes.

3 – If none of the stretchgoals are made (highly unlikely, but just in case) we will look at what is/are the most reasonably achievable product/products within our funding range and will provide the backers with said product.

4 – In case of a calamity / force majeure situation in which this preorder campaign has to be terminated, we will try to get the money back to all the backers in a proper manner as soon as possible.